Bernardo International was founded by seasoned business professionals, who have proven successful track record of executing: M&A; equity and debt financing; hands-on investment; PIPE funding; cross-border business development and public float via reverse merger, as C-level management and board director with both private and publicly listed companies in USA and Japan.

Bernardo International aims to grow itself at accelerated pace, by: acquiring and consolidating under-valued businesses; achieving early public float; and executing alternative equity finance.

Bernardo International aims to capitalize on depressed financial market and undervalued business assets in Asia, -- turn them around and liquidate them by fully leveraging its unique management capability.

Our advisory team consists of designated legal, accounting and tax professional firms in the U.S.A. and Japan, with extensive experiences and in-depth knowledge of alternative stock listing, private financing and cross-border M&A.

Our strategic alliance partners, with specific capabilities, facilitate and complete our value-chain. 


The company focuses on following industries and linking them to each other. 

  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Enrichment (Life & Earth)
  • Communication
  • Consumers
  • Community


gp-fig3Accelerated Corporate Development (ACD)®

“Accelerated Corporate Development (ACD)®” is the term used for the strategic corporate management method that Bernardo International is deploying.   ACD aims to accelerate development and growth of companies by leveraging innovative alternative ways of management, financing and resource procurement.



ISSUES, for venture companies and investors:

  • Difficulty in obtaining public float
  • Difficulty in raising private fund
  • Stuck with under/non-performing assets


SOLUTIONS, Bernardo International is offering:

Via strategic collaboration with Bernardo International >>>

  • Realizing public float
  • Establishing access to fund
  • Commercializing assets



Our investors/partners can benefit from >>>

  • Liquidation of non-performing investment
  • Revitalization of under-performing assets
  • Exit opportunities in an efficient manner
  • High transparency with public filing


For more information, please contact us:

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