We often find venture companies, particularly ones founded and being managed by technology inventors and/or artists, facing the same struggle:

  • “How can I make a business out of my creations?"
  • “I think my creations are great and must be highly valued!”
  • “But, I don’t know how to realize this.”
  • “I’m tired of advisors and consultants who lecture but don't sweat with me! I want a partner who can support me, help me, and work with me!”


Our Solutions >>> We provide:

  • Capitalization:Products, services, technologies and artistic contents will be accounted as “capital”, which provide foundation for business plan, financial projection and investment story.
  • Commercialization:Capitalized products, services, technologies and artistic contents will form “business”, which provide foundation for strategy, execution, administration, budget planning and etc.
  • Monetization: Business will generate cash flow, which provides foundation for corporate value.


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