Our mission is to vitalize venture companies worldwide by optimizing their corporate value through our strategic hands-on management & investment expertise. We pursue management services and principle investments with industries focused on technology, ecology, entertainment  and education.


We focus on venture companies that, through their products and services:

  • Enrich our life experiences
  • Enhance our life activities
  • Preserve our natural environment
  • Utilize advanced technologies for enhancement of life

Our partner clients include companies in the following business segments:

  • Mobile technology developments
  • Alternative energy developments
  • Environmental technology developments
  • Natural skincare products
  • Aroma therapy products
  • Enhanced beverage products
  • Filmed entertainment productions
  • Performed entertainment services
  • Education services 

We are determined to support and meaningfully contribute to growth and prosperity of such companies through what we do best >>> Hands-on management & investment.

While positioning management practice as our primary tool to serve our partner clients, we also participate in investment, either as principle investment or as part of compensation for our work, a.k.a. “sweat equity”.

Our management services and investment are “hands-on”, through which we work and sweat together and share risks and rewards together with our partner clients.

Our main management strengths are in corporate and business development by leveraging our extensive know-how and intelligent network in the area of M&A, Reverse Merger, international business expansion, marketing, sales, and corporate finance.

Our works include the following projects:

  • Reverse Merger
  • Fund raising
  • Financial and capital restructuring
  • International market development
  • Establishment of distribution channels
  • E-commerce platform building
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